Ugolini Alessandro Arredamenti, craft manufacturer of benches and tables in solid wood is operating on the market from more then 25 years, with experience in the furnishing of public businesses such as restaurants and pubs etc. producing various models even out of print and on your request, in order to fulfil all your demands with skills and competence.

Are used exclusively hig quality materials, for the good long lasting capacity and for the prestige beauty they give to the finished product. These are the kind of woods the firm uses the most for its creations: Swedish solid wood pine, Toulipier solid wood, poplar multilayer, laminates.The metals used are also first choice and they are crafted by us. The coats and the ecological leather used are exposed in our showroom in which you can see and touch them, and they respect all the standards and donate a beautiful finishing touch.

over 25 years of artisanal passion